Sunday, April 6, 2008

First Chapters Available Online

I just wanted to let you know that I have posted the first chapters of my books on my website. Now you can read before you buy! Click here to visit my site and have a look. I hope you enjoy them!

New Release by Shirley Kiger Connolly

I just found out that my friend Shirley's book is being released in a few weeks and I wanted to share this with you. I hope you'll check it out and get it when it's available! -- Linda

She is the enchanting plantation-bred Amethyst Rose who is about to wed the grandson of an English Baron, promising her continued years of ease and comfort. But when the feared war finds its way to her beloved home her plans suddenly change. Hours before taking her arranged wedding vows, Amethyst Rose discovers her betrothed is strangely missing-in-action. She soon finds herself occupying space in a filthy underground cave, hiding from the aggressive assaults of the hated Union Army. When her fleeing family prepares to join her, a Yankee-induced fire destroys them and her home, and now this devastated Vicksburg darling must decide whether life is even worth going on. Her only choice left is to move in with her elder and controlling sister, who runs a bordello in The French Quarter of New Orleans.
If she moves in with her, Amethyst Rose is guaranteed to destroy her own personal respect and tarnish her family name.
With her bitter hatred towards all men dressed in the Yankee blue plunged into high gear, nothing seems to matter anymore.
Nothing, that is, until, on a riverboat, she finds herself absorbed by the presence of a passionate and enamored Yankee warrior determined to steal her heart.

Release date is April 30th through and

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