Sunday, September 18, 2011

Waking Up with Busy Brain

There's nothing more I like to do on a crisp autumn morning than stay in bed.  No, not all morning, but when you wake up and just lay there all snuggled in, warm and peaceful.  I love it!  Unfortunately there are days when my brain seems to get a jump start on me and I wake up with busy brain.  Yesterday morning was one of those mornings.  I had two haiku poems chasing each other around my head.  Haiku poetry is a Japanese style of writing and in the very simplest sense, are three-line poems.  The first and third lines have five syllables each, while the second line has seven syllables.  Traditionally the subject matter is nature and there is a juxtaposition present.  I prefer sticking with the basic syllable count, especially first thing in the morning.  I will share my two intruders with you now.

Furry ball of love
Kitty purrs when she's happy
She purrs for ice cream

Gallop through the house
Little cat who never hissed
Follow me downstairs

Nothing to get excited over, and certainly nothing Pulitzer-worthy, but there they are!  They are, of course, about our two cats.  The first is about Punkin who has acquired a taste for vanilla ice cream.  The second is about Benny who is the funniest cat I've ever known.  I've yet to hear him hiss and he's five years old now.  He also likes to follow me down to the basement when I do laundry.  Both are wonderful friends.

I think I'll keep a pad of paper and a pen on my nightstand from now on.  At least my busy brain and I could stay in bed on a crisp autumn morning!

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