Friday, July 31, 2015

Broken Compass

I am shocked and sickened by the things I have seen recently regarding the dentist who shot that lion.  (Let me say up front that I have no problem with folks hunting or fishing if they need the meat for food. I don't understand hunting for sport, nor do I agree with it.)  What has been so sickening to me are the comments that people are making about this dentist.  People think that he should be hunted down and killed. People think that he should be put in prison for the sole purpose of being abused and killed.  The barbaric and vicious verbal attacks far exceed the bounds of anything remotely civilized.

Of course, these same people who are ready to eviscerate someone for killing an animal seem to have framed other vicious killers in a portrait of altruism and mercy.  These other killers murder humans on a daily basis, but they do it in the guise of women's rights and reproductive choice.  They work in clinics and are supported by the government.  The abortion industry seems to be unable to satisfy their need to kill innocent, helpless, unborn babies as evidenced by the removal of any restraint or restrictions on how or when an abortion can be performed – all in the name of protecting a woman's rights or safeguarding her health.  I still can't figure out how it is safe for a woman to deliver an almost full term baby breech so the doctor can kill it while it is partially born, but it would jeopardize her health to deliver the baby normally, allow it to live, and be adopted by a loving family. 

The moral compass of our nation isn't just broken; it's pointing in the opposite direction.  Anyone who dares speak out about the horrors of abortion and the barbarism that takes place every single day is the target for hatred. Vitriol abounds.  We mustn't touch the sacred cow that allows women to live like there's no tomorrow and never have to suffer any consequences for their actions. Or so it may seem. The public has been brainwashed into thinking that the wholesale slaughter of babies is a noble cause, when in fact, it is the forefront of the true war on women.

Many studies have been done on the adverse health affects women suffer as a result of having an abortion. There is an increase in the risk for breast cancer and an increase in infertility.  The psychological effects are horrendous.  And what about the more than 25 million baby girls that have been killed?  Why do those women never even get a chance at life?  All of those wasted lives.  Over 50 million babies have been murdered in this country.  Over 50 million artists, scientists, musicians, comedians. Over 50 million smiles that would have warmed the hearts of those they loved.  Over 50 million babies who were ripped out of their mother's womb and treated like garbage rather than treated with the dignity and respect that a person deserves.  Yes, our moral compass is damaged.  I just wonder if it's too late to fix it.

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