Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's funny how our outlook can change so quickly. Yesterday morning I awoke to the sound of a songbird outside our bedroom window. It was the first songbird I had hear in five months. That coupled with the fact that most of the snow on our roof was gone put a spring in my step. So what if there's still a good three feet of snow on the ground? It'll melt! Surely Spring had sprung! Then it happened.

Last night we got another two inches of snow. Then came the freezing drizzle. I wouldn't really have minded so much, but my husband was driving home in it. Of course I didn't know about the freezing drizzle until after he got home and told me that he had been driving on a sheet of ice for about 30 miles. I'm glad I didn't know until then. It would have destroyed my sleep.

This morning he and I were both a bit on the cantankerous side. But as soon as we started talking about it we both started laughing. What else can you do? We know that in a few weeks the snow really will be gone for good - well, until next winter anyway. The robins will soon be here hunting for worms. The lilacs will bloom and fill the air with their sweet fragrance (a sure sign of Spring). The garden will blossom and the butterflies and hummingbirds will come. For now all we can do is look for the joys in each day, whether they be snowy or not, and look forward to the wonders that come with each season. It sure makes for a brighter day regardless of the weather!

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